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Ancient Discoveries: Machines of the Gods DVD

Ancient Discoveries: Machines of the Gods DVD

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Houdini BR
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  • Format: Color, DVD-Video, NTSC
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Region: Region 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English
  • Studio: History Channel
  • DVD Release Date: February 6, 2007

Smoke and mirrors or acts of gods? Discover the technical wizardry behind the fantastic ''temple magic'' used to give ancient Greek and Roman temples the competitive edge.

  • Discover the surprising ways modern technology and ancient history intersects.
  • To attract the faithful (and their wallets) ancient priests relied on the cutting edge of classical technology.
  • An eye-opening series filmed on location in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Holland, and England.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES changes the way we think about the distant past. While we entertain visions of a simpler, unsophisticated time, the truth is much more complicated and fascinating than we imagine. This fresh, eye-opening series - filmed on location where historical events actually happened and using brilliant, lifelike computer animation - applies the latest scholarship to reconsider common beliefs about our past. Reconstructions of ancient machines and hands-on demonstrations bring ancient times to life.

Set firmly at the intersection of religion, science and commerce, the latest episode of ANCIENT DISCOVERIES travels to Rome and Greece to explore the commissioning, fabrication and presentation of marvels meant to instill awe and draw hordes of deep-pocketed devotees. You will be amazed to learn how the greatest minds of the age were turned to the construction of what were little more than parlor tricks, albeit enormously sophisticated and impressive ones.

With so many gods to choose from and so many temples vying for the average worshiper's fidelity, Ancient Greece and Rome was a buyer's market for religions. Priests were desperate to demonstrate the supremacy of their particular god and his or her personal involvement in their temple. To that end, Wonders of the Ancient World were constructed, iron chariots were suspended in mid-air, and automatic soap dispensers were installed.

Delight in the extravagant efforts and technical wizardry of the ancient keepers of the faith as they struggled for an edge over the competition. Be amazed - and amused - by the awesome MACHINES OF THE GODS.

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