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Da Vinci DVD Collection

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Beyond The Da Vinci Code DVD

Is it the greatest story ever told - or the greatest story ever sold? A best-selling novel sparks a debate that could change Christianity forever.

Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and co-leaders of their movement? Was Mary Magdalene, herself, the Holy Grail - the vessel said to hold Jesus's blood--and mother of his descendants? Did the early Church know this "truth" and deliberately mislead followers? Is there a secret, ancient society, the Priory of Sion, which still protects this bloodline? Have some of the most illustrious names in art and science been members?

These are some of the questions that Dan Brown's best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code raises. We examine both sides of the story--the conventional view of Christianity and the "alternate history" proposed by Brown--so that viewers can decide.

Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By DVD

Lose yourself in the world of art, invention and intrigue surrounding the ultimate Renaissance man.

  • The definitive DVD study of the original Renaissance man.
  • Features striking archival material and commentary from renowned scholars and historians.
  • From the producers of "Nation of Islam" and "Barbarians."

Renowned as the "Mind of the Renaissance," the genius of Leonardo da Vinci reaches beyond the centuries. Painter, sculptor, engineer and scientist, in each field da Vinci was both master and pioneer. Creator of some of the world's great artistic masterpieces, he was also a visionary whose fantastic inventions would become reality only hundreds of years after his death.

Against a backdrop of 15th century Italian opulence, DA VINCI AND THE CODE HE LIVED BY follows the original Renaissance man through glittering palaces of merchant princes, accusations of blasphemy, and whispers of betrayal and romance--all to satisfy a limitless desire for knowledge. From the producers of Nation of Islam and Barbarians, and available on DVD for the first time ever, DA VINCI AND THE CODE HE LIVED BY tells the remarkable story of one man's boundless talent, towering legacy, and courage in the face of powerful adversity.

DVD Features:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • Interactive Menus
  • Scene Selection

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