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Gangland: The Complete Seasons 1-6 DVD

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Gangland: Complete Season 1 DVD Set

Extraordinary access thrusts you deep into the deadly world of gangs... and law enforcement's desperate fight against their increasing influence. Get all 13 episodes from the premiere season!

  • Discover the rich and bloody history of gangs in America, from the Colonies to the present.
  • This set contains all 13 episodes of GANGLAND Season 1, plus incredible bonus materials.
  • HISTORY® ventures deep into uncharted regions of the criminal underworld.

Gangland: Complete Season 2 DVD Set

Rarely seen footage and unique access to the lives of both former and current gang members provide a solid insight into why gangs exist, how they operate, their increasingly destructive methods, and the alarming rate at which they’re spreading to suburban and rural areas.

Delve deep into the rich and bloody history of gangs in America, from the long-stretching tradition of the Asian Triads, to the full-blown motorcycle gang war between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels, to the growing occurrence of girl gangsters, as this season of Gangland goes to the darkest corners of America to infiltrate some of the most dangerous terrain in the world. Other gangs featured in Season Two include the Maniac Latin Disciples, the Texas Syndicate, Los Angeles’ 18th Street, and the Mongols.

Witness the raw reality of gang life with all 12 episodes on 3 DVDs.

  • Disc 1 Maniacal, Deadly Triangle, Biker Wars, Texas Terror
  • Disc 2 Crip or Die, Murder By Numbers, Lords of the Holy City, Mongol Nation
  • Disc 3 Gangster Inc., One Blood, Sin City, From Girl to Gangster

Gangland: The Complete Season 3 DVD Set

They’re fierce, brutal and ruthless—and bent on leaving their deadly mark on the streets of America. From the inner cities to the suburbs, from the West Coast to the East, American gangs have a rich and often terrifying history—and we explore the savage bloodlines of some of the worst.

With names like La Gran Familia, Tiny Rascals, Satan Disciples, the Crips and Bandidos, these gangs can be found from Atlanta to Fresno, Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and even Salt Lake City. They rob, kill and terrorize, shaping their times and their turf. HISTORY™ infiltrates unbelievably dangerous terrain to provide exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage. Both former and current members offer solid insight into why gangs exist, how they operate, their increasingly destructive methods and the alarming rate at which they’re spreading to suburban and rural areas. It’s chilling, it’s raw, and most of all, it’s real.

GANGLAND: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE gains access to 12 of the country’s most dangerous gangs on 3 DVDs.

  • (Runtime per disc approx 188 min)
  • DISC ONE: Death in Dixie / California Killing Fields / The Devil's Playground / Blood in the Streets
  • DISC TWO: From Heaven to Hell / Bandido Army / Menace of Destruction / Rage Against Society
  • DISC THREE: Paid in Blood / Die, Snitch, Die / To Torture or to Kill?/ All Hell Breaks Loose / Bonus
  • BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

    • DEATH IN DIXIE: HISTORY™ explores the world of La Gran Familia, a violent crime syndicate of five Hispanic gangs that terrorized the streets of metro Atlanta.
    • CALIFORNIA’S KILLING FIELDS: The Tiny Rascals Gangsters, whose roots go back to the Cambodian killing fields of the 1970s and who now number more than 10,000 members, dominate the streets of Fresno, California.
    • THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND: One of Chicago’s most ruthless street gangs, Satan Disciples claim to practice “free enterprise.” High-ranking members describe the rise and fall of “King Aggie,” who ordered a hit on a popular younger leader that ultimately spelled his own doom.
    • BLOOD IN THE STREETS: Los Solidos are Hartford, Connecticut’s most ruthless gang. We hear about the gang’s rise and the vicious war with their powerful rivals, the Latin Kings.
    • FROM HEAVEN TO HELL: It’s better known for religion than crime, but Salt Lake City is home to the Utah Crips, a gang that may look different from the Los Angeles original but is no less violent.
    • BANDIDO ARMY: Former members of the Bandidos take us inside the most feared motorcycle gang in Texas. Insiders discuss the gang’s crimes and what is required to earn the famous “No Mercy” patch.
    • MENACE OF DESTRUCTION: Cloaked in secrecy and bound by their Hmong ancestry, Menace of Destruction is one of America’s most notorious and violent street gangs. The gang has turned the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul into a battleground.
    • RAGE AGAINST SOCIETY: The domain of FSU – which can mean either Friends Stand United or F**k S**t Up – is the hardcore music scene. We interview founding members as well as law enforcement officials to uncover the gang’s bloody history.
    • PAID IN BLOOD: We trace the growth of the Warlocks motorcycle gang, founded by Vietnam vets, from the assassination of its president to their attempt to claim Florida as the “Warlock Nation.”
    • DIE, SNITCH, DIE: The good times roll in New Orleans’ French Quarter, but a vicious gang known as the Gotti Boys rule the streets around it – and there is no mercy for those caught in the crossfire.
    • TO TORTURE OR TO KILL?: Comprised of elite mercenaries, Los Zetas are bathing the U.S.-Mexican border in blood as they wage all-out war to maintain control over the valuable drug-trafficking corridor out of Laredo, Texas.
    • ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: Zoe Pound is Miami’s most notorious Haitian gang, with a history of brutal tactics – from violent home invasions to attacking Haitian freighters and beating and torturing their crews.
    • BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

    Gangland: The Complete Season 4 DVD Set

    The fourth season of this groundbreaking series, with a cumulative audience of over 45 million viewers, delves deep into the real story behind twelve of America’s most dangerous gangs – a world rarely seen by the uninitiated.

    Volume 1: Highway to Hell / Devil’s Fire / Divide and Conquer / Kill ‘Em All

    • HIGHWAY TO HELL: One of the most powerful Hispanic street gangs in Los Angeles, the Avenues joined forces with the infamous prison gang, the Mexican Mafia, maintaining almost seven decades of control over LA.

    • DEVIL’S FIRE: A major dealer in the methamphetamine trade, the Pagans live secretly and nomadically, with 44 chapters spread along the east coast of the United States. Their weapon of choice? The axe-handle.

    • DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Chicago’s Latin Kings are the largest, most brutal, and most organized Latino gang in the country – their leader has successfully run the gang from behind bars for four decades.

    • KILL ‘EM ALL: The Best Friends have stalked Detroit since 1985. But everything changed when one of their most prolific hit men snitched, giving the Feds enough information to indict most of the gang’s surviving members.

    • BONUS FEATURE: Additional Footage.

    Volume 2: Kill or Be Killed / Boys of Destruction / Aryan Terror / Silent Slaughter

    • KILL OR BE KILLED: In Memphis, Tennessee, a select group of drug dealers and killers banded together to form the most notorious gang on the Mississippi Delta: the LMG or Love Murdering Gangsters.

    • BOYS OF DESTRUCTION: St. Louis, Missouri is home to an estimated 10,000 gang members. The Boys of Destruction – or BOD – are one of the city’s most notorious gangs, and the Horseshoe Posse one of its fiercest rivals.

    • ARYAN TERROR: The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is the largest prison gang in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Started as a means of survival, it has now spread to the Dallas suburbs, where members are regrouping after FBI crackdowns.

    • SILENT SLAUGHTER: Colorado’s largest motorcycle gang, the Sons of Silence, are notorious for gun-running, drug-dealing, partying, and pandemonium. Since its inception in the late 1960s, the gang has spread to over 36 chapters worldwide.

    • BONUS FEATURE: Additional Footage

    Volume 3: Killing Snitches / Everybody Killers / Dead Man Inc. / Biker Wars 2

    • KILLING SNITCHES: The Hidden Valley Kings control Charlotte, North Carolina’s cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana trade, so much so that a task force was formed to take the gang down in 2003.

    • EVERYBODY KILLERS: The Hoover Criminals are Portland, Oregon’s most deadly and notorious gang. They’re attitude is Hoovers against the world…and they’ll kill anyone to prove it.

    • DEAD MAN INC.: This whites-only gang started out as contract killers in Maryland’s prison system. Soon Dead Men, Inc. had spread across the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States, bringing with it a brand of terror never before seen.

    • BIKER WARS 2: The Hell’s Angels are the world’s biggest bike gang and have dominated California since the 1960s. But one biker gang refused to bend to their will…the Mongols Motorcycle Club, setting off one of the biggest gang wars in history.

    • BONUS FEATURE: Additional Footage

    Gangland: Season 5 DVD Set

    They rob, kill, and terrorize, and they’ve left their violent mark on our nation’s history. Delve deep into the rich and often brutal bloodlines of gangs across America, from New York City to Chicago, Houston to Nashville, as SEASON FIVE of GANGLAND paints a violently accurate and compelling portrait of gang life in America. Exclusive interviews, rarely seen footage, and unique access to the lives of gangsters provide solid insight into why gangs exist, how they operate, their increasingly destructive methods, and the alarming rate at which they’re spreading to suburban and rural areas. GANGLAND: SEASON FIVE gains access to 11 of the country’s most dangerous gangs on 3 DVDs.

    DISC 1: Klan of Killers / Machete Slaughter / Blood River / Hustle or Die
    DISC 2: Gangsta Killers / The Death Head / Circle of Death / Dog Fights
    DISC 3: Evil Breed / Hunt and Kill / Deadly Blast

    Gangland: Season 6 DVD Set

    This groundbreaking series gives viewers unprecedented access to the inner workings of American gang life. HISTORY looks into the past of some of America’s most notorious street gangs to learn how they’ve shaped their times and affected the neighborhoods they’ve controlled. With exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage, this series is a raw look at life inside these gangs--from those who live it and the agencies that are working to stop them.

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