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Attacks on America DVD SET

Attacks on America DVD SET

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This two-hour special offers an in-depth look at the critical 24-hour period after news of Japan's attack on U.S. soil in 1941 reached the President. Drawing on exhaustive research and new information provided by the FDR Library, the special gives a rare and surprising glimpse at the man behind the Presidency and how he confronted the enormous challenge of transitioning the nation from peace to war. There was no direct phone line between Pearl Harbor and the White House. As information slowly trickled in and word of the bombing got out, panic gripped the White House. FDR's unique style of leadership enabled him to galvanize the American people in the wake of a grave and potentially demoralizing attack. The special features acclaimed historian Steven M. Gillon, author of the recently released Pearl Harbor: FDR Leads the Nation Into War.

The date is forever reserved for reflection and remembrance.

Nothing made sense that morning. And it is stunning to look back now and realize how quickly the world-changing events occurred: a mere 102 minutes passed from first impact until the collapse of the second tower.

This extraordinary presentation from HISTORY® chronicles in an utterly unique and compelling way the moment-by-moment advance of this unimaginable tragedy. Piecing together video and audio from over a hundred sources — amateur and professional photographers, voicemails, emergency dispatch recordings, network out-takes, and much more — 102 MINUTES THAT CHANGED AMERICA presents the attack as it was experienced.

Relive through the raw sights and sounds of that infamous morning the confusion, uncertainty and fear as the terror unfolded, and remember the bravery and valor of ordinary citizens and emergency responders. Intensely personal, universally affecting, 102 MINUTES presents an authentic and reverential chronicle of the unforgettable events of 9/11.

The astonishing documentary is accompanied by I-Witness to 9/11, an 18-minute documentary short featuring nine of the stories behind the stunning images and sounds.

Awards and Nominations:

  • 2009 - Prime Time Emmy Awards - Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming - (Winner)
  • 2009 - Prime Time Emmy Awards - Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming - (Winner)
  • 2009 - Prime Time Emmy Awards - Outstanding Nonfiction Special - (Winner)
  • 2009 - Prime Time Emmy Awards - Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming - (Nomination)
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