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Historic Chronological Highlights of the Lincoln Penny

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Houdini BR
  • Additional Details
  • Dimensions: 8" Length x 6 5/16" Width x 3/8" Height
  • Made Of: Vinyl, Cardboard, US Coins
  • Weight: 10 oz
Chronological historical highlights lend an extra measure of interest to our unique and enjoyable Lincoln penny collection.  It begins with the 1909 first year of issue Wheat Ear cent; includes the 1918 re-introduction of the VDB on the reverse and the 1960-D small date Lincoln Memorial cent, and features two true rarities:  a 1943 steel wartime penny and a wartime shell case Lincoln copper cent minted between 1944 and 1946.  Eleven pennies (1909 Lincoln Wheat Ear Cent, 1918 VDB Reverse Cent, 1929 Great Depression Cent, 1943 Wartime Steel Cent, 1944-46 Shell case Copper Cent, 1955-S Last S Mint Wheat Ear Cent, 1958 Last Year Wheat Ear Cent, 1959 First Year Lincoln Memorial Cent, 1960-D Small Date Memorial Cent, 2000 Millennium Lincoln Memorial Cent, 2009 Bicentennial Anniversary of Lincoln’s Birth Cent) in all, in a display case with archival image, detailed narrative and Certificate of Authenticity. 

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