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Ancient Discoveries: Superships DVD

Ancient Discoveries: Superships DVD

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  • Format: Color, DVD-Video, NTSC
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Region: Region 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English
  • Studio: History Channel
  • DVD Release Date: February 13, 2007

Set sail! Recent findings have completely changed our understanding of ancient boat-making. Take an amazing voyage to discover the stunning nautical achievements of our ancestors

  • Discover the surprising ways modern technology and ancient history intersect.
  • Ancient mariners took to sea in craft far more impressive than dug-outs and row-boats.
  • An eye-opening series filmed on location in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Holland, and England.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES changes the way we think about the distant past. While we entertain visions of a simpler, unsophisticated time, the truth is much more complicated and fascinating than we imagine. This fresh, eye-opening series - filmed on location where historical events actually happened and using brilliant, lifelike computer animation - applies the latest scholarship to reconsider common beliefs about ancient times. Reconstructions of ancient machines and hands-on demonstrations bring ancient times to life.

SUPERSHIPS reveals recent, extraordinary discoveries of ships from the ancient world. New scholarship and breakthroughs in underwater archaeology have vastly increased our store of knowledge regarding ancient navies.

But with new information comes many questions. What do these finds say about the societies which created them, and the techniques they used in their construction? Who could have mustered the resources and know-how to construct such impressive nautical marvels? How did they build such remarkable ships? And, most intriguingly, why?

Travel back to ancient Egypt and learn about the "Khufu Boat" which had not one metal nail in its construction, and uncover huge sailing vessels, dating from 3000 B.C., in Abydos near the Nile. Some of the most exciting discoveries that have been made include ancient warships, some massive enough to carry a crew of 7000.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES continues to challenge what we think about our ancestors' abilities and accomplishments in SUPERSHIPS.

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