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MonsterQuest: Ohio Grassman DVD

MonsterQuest: Ohio Grassman DVD

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Houdini BR
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  • Run Time: 46 Minutes

The team investigates the legendary creature that has terrified Midwestern children (and their parents) for generations!

  • Skeptics and believers get equal time to make their case.
  • Imagine Bigfoot... now imagine five of them. That's right, the Grassman hunts in packs!
  • Monsters lurk among us... or do they? Get closer to the truth than ever before!

From the lochs of Scotland to the forests of America's Northwest, MONSTERQUEST sets out to get to the bottom, once and for all, of our most persistent and compelling creature stories. All we know of so many monsters are campfire stories, blurry films and grainy photographs, so this fascinating new series takes a fresh look at the legends and seeks new, reliable evidence. Open-eyed historical research and real scientific analysis set the stage for groundbreaking field work: high-tech expeditions to the home turf of legendary monsters. If MONSTERQUEST can't find them, nobody can!

Just miles from the industrial cities of Ohio, there is a bogeyman that has terrified local children for over a century. According to stories and sightings, the Grassman is similar to a Bigfoot, but builds strange nests and has been known to attack. Can science help explain this creature? Is a primate skull, a strange print and a new video the first direct proof behind the legendary Grassman?

MONSTERQUEST sifts through the existing evidence and takes to the skies in a search for the elusive creature stalking Ohio. That's right, "stalking."

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