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Global Warning and Earth DVD Set

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    How the Earth Was Made DVD

    In gripping detail, understand just how our world came to be. Travel 4.5 billion years into the past to experience the birth of our planet with this absolutely stunning special presentation.

    • Riveting visuals and groundbreaking special effects transport you to our planet's birth.
    • The first episode from the blockbuster new series, The Continents.

    From a seething, hellish mass of molten rock to the inviting world that cradles life today, discover the cataclysmic events that set the stage for life.

    Far more than another dry, academic presentation, HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE immerses you deep in the world-shaking, Earth-forming action. Stunning animations and precise computer renderings put you there. Plunge into fiery cataracts, feel the rumble of the shifting mantle, fly through the noxious proto-atmosphere, and experience firsthand the mighty forces forging this unique and marvelous oasis in Space.

    Based on recent findings by renowned scientists and filmed on location across the globe, HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE puts the "Gee!" in geology. Visit sites planet-wide where you can still see evidence of Earth's birthing process. Meet scientists at the leading edge of discovery. Thrill to the awesome power and unimaginable time-scale of world formation.

    THE HISTORY CHANNEL®, true to its name, is taking viewers on a visually mesmerizing and richly informative journey to the absolute beginning of our history. Be sure you can enjoy every moment of this unprecedented exploration by adding this DVD to your library!

    A Global Warning? DVD

    Is it hot in here? Understand the most pressing global issue of our age with this definitive two-hour THE HISTORY CHANNEL® special.

    • Is the Earth experiencing a natural cycle or are we to blame for global climate change?
    • Dynamic computer animations clarify the complex science at the root of the issue.
    • Visit far-flung locations where research is being conducted — and where the impact is being felt.

    The litany of disasters reads like the Apocalypse: melted ice caps, submerged coastal cities, prairies turned to deserts. Mass extinctions. This worst case scenario is not merely a prophecy or work of fiction. It is a very real possibility that may loom in our not too distant future. But how likely is this outcome, what will bring it about and can it be avoided?

    To answer these imperative questions, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® applies its renowned expertise and authority to the issue of global warming in this very special feature-length documentary. A GLOBAL WARNING? spans the globe — fourteen extreme locations in all — to survey the frontline of scientific research and climatic impact.

    Meet with scientists unearthing evidence of our planet’s ancient weather history — crocodiles may have once roamed the Arctic! — and with experts analyzing humanity’s ever-expanding footprint. Understand, with the help of exacting animations, how sun activity, volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, and even continental drift have made huge differences in the earth's weather systems.

    Without shrinking from the inconvenient truths, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® investigates the most dramatic climatic events in Earth’s past and considers the future trends that will decide the fate of our species.

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