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I Survived: (S1 Ep. 11) Jennifer, Sampson & Norina DVD

I Survived: (S1 Ep. 11) Jennifer, Sampson & Norina DVD

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  • Run Time: 46 Minutes

Deadly hazards — both man and machine — take these remarkable survivors to the very brink of destruction. You won't believe how they saved themselves - and others!

  • How would you react if confronted with death?
  • A lawyer, a farmer and an educator share their astonishing stories of bravery and survival.
  • An all-new series from BIOGRAPHY® celebrates the survival of ordinary people.

Ordinary people face overwhelming, life-threatening circumstances - and live to tell us their tales.

Whether through accident, the elements or violence, there are a million ways to die. This stunning new series transports you to the do-or-die moments when regular people manage to cheat almost certain death. Each episode recounts riveting individual stories of determination, triumph and sheer luck. Hear real stories told by real people who can't believe they're alive to say "I SURVIVED..."

Jennifer is a successful young lawyer. When an intruder breaks into her apartment and sexually assaults and stabs her, Jennifer fights back with incredible courage. She finally fights him off and thinks her nightmare is over, but her attacker returns. When he knocks on her door, Jennifer must trust her instincts to survive.

Sampson is a corn farmer in Kershaw County. While attempting to dislodge a corn cob stuck in his harvester, his hand is pulled into the machine. When the machine catches on fire Sampson must make the agonizing decision to amputate his own arm or risk burning to death. Hear him tell this incredible life-or-death story!

And Norina is an elementary school principal. When a crazed man with a machete enters her school and begins attacking the children, Norina fights the man to save the children. She is brutally attacked and terribly injured but must survive to save the lives of her students.

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