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Best Monster Movies by Mark Pellegrini

Best Monster Movies by Mark Pellegrini

Best Monster Movies
{by Mark Pellegrini of Adventures in Poor Taste}
When did you realize you wanted to be a movie critic?
When I began making long, rambling messageboard posts detailing my opinions on horror movies and other media. After a few years of that, I figured with some spell-checking I might as well start a blog.
All-time favorite movie:
Movie you quote a lot:
"Ghostbusters", as trying to slip by quotes in conversation was a game I played with my brother for years.
Movie character that reminds you of yourself:
The nameless ancillary character that dies in the first 5 minutes of a slasher movie.
Movie you wish you could un-see:
Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween".
You can find Mark's column on Adventures in Poor Taste, PelleCreepy, and TMNT Entity.

Learn why Mark curated the best Monster Movies: Monsters have fascinated me since I was a toddler and was terrified of the Boogeyman in my closet. So naturally, I find all the best horror movies are monster movies, even when said "monster" isn't quite so obvious (and that approach can be even more effective than a guy in a rubber suit). The movies I've selected aren't all necessarily "scary", but simply have monsters that will stick with you, whether you're shivering or laughing. For my section, I wanted to get a good spread across as many different subgenres and eras as possible; from vampires to serial killers, from the silent to the modern.

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