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Great Documentaries by Daniel Schindel

Great Documentaries by Daniel Schindel

Great Documentaries
{by Daniel Schindel of ScreenPicks}
When did you realize you wanted to be a movie critic?
I have loved movies for a long time, but for most of that time, I thought I wanted to make them. It wasn't until I set about trying to write a movie that I realized I far preferred to write about movies. And that's how it all started.
All-time favorite movie:
Oh, I loathe this question! Right, now? I suppose I'll pick Once.
Movie you quote a lot:
I generally have a quote from In the Loop ready whenever a politician does anything, well, politician-y.
Movie character that reminds you of yourself:
Oliver Tate from Submarine, a British coming-of-age dramedy released last year. Oliver views his life as though it were a movie, and filters all his efforts through that. He's odd and sensitive and more than a little bit lost. I empathize.
You can find Daniel's column on ScreenPicks, his personal blog daysofdocs.com, and on twitter.

Learn why Daniel curated Great Documentaries: Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth is more involving than fiction. Nonfiction film offers a wide array of stories that rouse anger, break hearts, and raise spirits. The TCM shop has such a fantastic selection of documentaries that my initial shortlist for this section had over a hundred titles. I ended up limiting the list to the best of the movies that I had seen. This means, of course, that an uncomfortable number of bona fide classics got left out. But any one of these films is well worth adding to your collection.