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Top Sci-Fi Movies by Marc Eastman

Top Sci-Fi Movies by Marc Eastman

Top Sci-Fi Movies
{by Marc Eastman of Are Your Screening?}
When did you realize you wanted to be a movie critic?
Oddly, it was in a Philosophy of Art class. We had to basically write reviews of art using philosophical theories on aesthetics. I have always loved film, and learned that I enjoyed putting together reviews almost as much.
All-time favorite movie:
Jesus of Montreal
Movie you quote a lot:
Movie character that reminds you of yourself:
Joe Mantegna's father in "Searching for Bobby Fischer." Not that there's really a chess connection, but because whatever else may be going on, I'm constantly astounded by how magical my children are.
Movie you wish you could un-see:
Resident Evil: Retribution
You can find Are You Screening? all over the web including facebook and twitter. Marc Eastman is also a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

Learn why Marc curated Sci-Fi Movies: Science Fiction and Fantasy play to the greatest strengths of storytelling, working out explanations to the human condition by way of circumstances that are beyond possibility. They also capitalize on the wonder that is built into the film world, and send us on adventures we can barely imagine. These films are perhaps not the greatest films or greatest sci-fi films, but they are some underappreciated or overlooked gems of the genre.