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Dysfunctional Family Movies by Scott Youngbauer

Dysfunctional Family Movies by Scott Youngbauer

Dysfunctional Family Movies
{by Scott Youngbauer of ScreenPicks}
When did you realize you wanted to be a movie critic?
I was always the college student who relished in writing the ten page film studies papers. I've always really loved to write about films so it only seemed natural that when I moved out to Los Angeles that I start to review films.
All-time favorite movie:
Right now I am obsessed with the Andrew Haigh film Weekend right now, which I just purchased on Criterion. It's a great film from the UK about these two men who find an intense romantic connection with each other after a one night stand. I'm sucker for realism in dialogue and performance, and Weekend does both brilliantly.
Movie you quote a lot:
I quote Clueless a lot, maybe it's the new found southern Californian in me. There's a line in that movie for every possible situation you find yourself in like, "Everywhere in LA takes 20 minutes!"
Movie character that reminds you of yourself:
Tom from (500) Days of Summer.
Movie you wish you could un-see:
Kevin Spacey's film Beyond the Sea is nearly unwatchable, and made me sick to my stomach watching it.
You can find Scott's column on ScreenPicks and on twitter.

Learn why Scott curated a selection of family movies: One of the great things about dysfunctional families in the movies is that we can all relate to them for the most part. We all think all of our own families are a piece of work, and it can be interesting to see one come apart by the seams on screen. Here’s an archived list of some of my favorites, from all sorts of genres, that might need some time on the therapy couch.

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