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Hatfields & McCoys

" History's first broadcasted, original mini-series about the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys did something right (or, more aptly, many things right). The first part of the 3 part series drew enough viewers to make it the single most watched ad-supported show on cable (excluding sports). In addition, the series garnered 16 2012 Primetime Emmy awards. The story of these two families is compelling for a host of reasons, from the american history Civil War era in which it takes place, to the fact that the original Hatfield and McCoy patriarchs actually started off as friends! If you've seen it already and want to re-watch it, or if you want to find other programming about the infamous feud and the time period in which it took place, head on over to the History Shop's Hatfields & McCoy's page and take your pick(s) of shows guaranteed to entertain and inform about this fascinating time and feud. "

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