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Houdini BR
JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America
Just hours before his death, John F. Kennedy appeared before a crowd in Fort Worth, Texas to honor the freedoms of America in what would be his final speech. Though the Zapruder film, a silent, 8mm home movie of the presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza, is the most complete visual recording of JFK’s assassination, it is just part of a vast record of sights and sounds captured on camera that day.

This four-hour special from HISTORY™ uses unique, rarely seen and heard footage to document the Kennedy assassination and the nearly 50 years of speculation and controversy that changed America.

Home movies from eyewitnesses, Dallas police dispatch radio recordings, and raw news footage provide a shocking, unflinching look at the assassination of the president and the days that followed while examining the aftermath, and the enduring controversies, that emerged as succeeding generations of Americans struggled to comprehend the sudden murder of an unforgettable leader.

The Kennedy Assassination 24 Hours After
While the moments and hours after John F. Kennedy's tragic assassination were some of the most formative and important for our country that story has rarely and only partially been told. From the moment Lyndon B. Johnson was told of JFK's death (after a security aide had already ordered a casket) to his decision to take the oath of office on Air Force One alongside the former First Lady (before getting her approval) to the return to his home for a full briefing of what happened that day (long after it was televised to the world) THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: 24 HOURS AFTER uncovers an unfamiliar story born out of one of the most critical days in American history.

Definitive Guide To The JFK Assassination
The assassination of JFK forever changed America. 50 years later, most Americans think we don't know who did it. History has conducted the largest nationwide survey on the topic to learn what the country believes. Who do Americans suspect was really responsible for JFK's death? Take a deeper look - through the eyes of those to whom it matters most: the American people.

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