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Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us and Rulers Of the Ancient World DVD Set

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Prepare for an adrenaline-infused tale about the rise of civilization across the globe. From the producers of America The Story of Us™, this 12-hour series on HISTORY® spans the first flourishing of civilization in Mesopotamia all the way to the discovery of America. Groundbreaking production and CGI bring to life the greatest landmarks and milestones of human achievement by rebuilding lost worlds and creating large-scale reenactments of critical battles. Interactive maps dynamically illustrate the key factors that contributed to the birth and evolution of human endeavors. Focusing on the simultaneity of human experience—how ancient Egypt thrived while Stonehenge was being built, how China was at its zenith while Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages—this landmark series captures all the action, struggle and heroism of our shared journey.

They are some of the most famous, and infamous, leaders the world has ever known. Cutting-edge technology, dramatic reenactments and expert commentary deliver their stories in vivid detail. This special collection begins with an examination of eight of the most brutal and feared rulers of the ancient world from Attila the Hun and Julius Caesar to Hannibal and Genghis Khan. Next, it’s a look at the remarkable life and times of Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia who led a grand army over 20,000 miles to bring all of Asia under his control. Then we travel back to unravel the mysteries surrounding one of the Bibles greatest heroes King David. And well join a search for the truth about one of the Bibles most legendary villains King Herod the Great. Plus, an in-depth look at the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and an exploration of some of history’s most decisive battles.

BONUS FEATURES: The Making of The True Story of Alexander The Great Featurette

VOLUME 1: Ancients Behaving Badly, Volume 1
VOLUME 2: Ancients Behaving Badly, Volume 2
VOLUME 3: True Story of Alexander the Great / Bonus
VOLUME 4: Mysteries of the Bible - King David, Herod the Great, Solomon
VOLUME 5: Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire - Constantine the Great, Julius Caesar, The Last Emperor, The Soldiers Emperor
VOLUME 6: The True Story of Hannibal / Boudica: Warrior Queen / Crassus: Rich Man, Poor Man / Hail Caesar! / Ramses II
VOLUME 7: Ancient Mysteries - The Forbidden City: Dynasty And Destiny / The Queen Pharaoh / Secret Life Of King Ramses II

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