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Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us Bundle

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Inside all of us, there is a story to be discovered, simmering age-old questions to be answered – who are we, how did we get here and what came before? From the black hole to the creation of our planet billions of years ago to the emergence of humans, MANKIND THE STORY OF ALL OF US™ dives through the surface of our universe reaching the core of our existence textbooks never dare reveal. From atoms to evolution, observe closely as HISTORY® journeys through the ultimate adventure to unearth the rise of an unlikely hero. Us.

From comics’ top creators comes this sneak peek 32-page comic previewing the all-new graphic novel anthology series based on the epic television broadcast event. Follow the adventures of everyday heroes throughout history as they invent, innovate, and discover the hidden keys to mankind’s survival and our ultimate rise as a civilization. This is the story of the greatest adventure of all time – the history of the human race. This special preview issue features three stories that sweep the reader from the Ice Age to early recorded history, as man tames the fertile earth and leanrs to tap its precious resources, builds civilizations, and struggles to convert the art of war to the power of the people.

Cover art by Neal Adams and Dennis Calero, with stories and art by Marv Wolfman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Nathan Edmondson, and many others.

Prepare for an adrenaline-infused tale about the rise of civilization across the globe. From the producers of America The Story of Us™, this 12-hour series on HISTORY® spans the first flourishing of civilization in Mesopotamia all the way to the discovery of America. Groundbreaking production and CGI bring to life the greatest landmarks and milestones of human achievement by rebuilding lost worlds and creating large-scale reenactments of critical battles. Interactive maps dynamically illustrate the key factors that contributed to the birth and evolution of human endeavors. Focusing on the simultaneity of human experience—how ancient Egypt thrived while Stonehenge was being built, how China was at its zenith while Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages—this landmark series captures all the action, struggle and heroism of our shared journey.

It takes more than 10 billion years to create just the right conditions on one planet for life to begin. It takes another three billion years of evolving life forms until it finally happens, a primate super species emerges: mankind.

In conjunction with History Channel’s hit television series by the same name, Mankind is a sweeping history of humans from the birth of the Earth and hunting antelope in Africa’s Rift Valley to the present day with the completion of the Genome project and the birth of the seven billionth human. Like a Hollywood action movie, Mankind is a fast-moving, adventurous history of key events from each major historical epoch that directly affect us today such as the invention of iron, the beginning of Buddhism, the crucifixion of Jesus, the fall of Rome, the invention of the printing press, the Industrial Revolution, and the invention of the computer.

With more than 300 color photographs and maps, Mankind is not only a visual overview of the broad story of civilization, but it also includes illustrated pop-out sidebars explaining distinctions between science and history, such as why there is 700 times more iron than bronze buried in the earth, why pepper is the only food we can taste with our skin, and how a wobble in the earth’s axis helped bring down the Egyptian Empire. This is the most exciting and entertaining history of mankind ever produced.

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