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MonsterQuest: Killer Crocs DVD

MonsterQuest: Killer Crocs DVD

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Houdini BR
Across the world, people are reporting increasingly frequent encounters with frighteningly large crocodiles.

Millions of years ago prehistoric cousins to today's crocodiles stalked the earth, ate dinosaurs and grew to enormous sizes.

Known as 'Super Crocs,' these massive beasts were apex predators that grew to lengths of up to 40 feet and could weigh as much as eight tons. Today, record-size crocs max out at just over 20 feet, but witnesses are saying crocodiles are getting much bigger.

MonsterQuest takes the mangrove swamps and rivers of Florida where biologists will track down an American Crocodile larger than any seen before. The Science Team also investigates whether the record-sized killer crocodile could actually be a modern day Super Croc.

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