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The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (Hardcover)

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Barack Obama is the first African-American President-elect of the United States. He outlines his political philosophy, grounded in a belief that America's future can be better. His experiences on the campaign trail and early days in the Senate have shaped an ideological road map for the improvement of America, domestically and internationally. He details his vision in a book that is far more than a memoir.

  • An optimism about America's future rings throughout.
  • Senator, father, lawyer, and President-elect Barack Obama shares a philosophy grounded in tolerance.
  • Discover the experiences that shaped his world view.

The Audacity of Hope is the belief that the future can be better. President-elect Barack Obama outlines his political philosophy, one not centered on partisan politics, inclusive of all classes, and grounded in tolerance. More than a memoir, Obama not only recounts his first days in the Senate, but describes how he has attempted to put his philosophy to use. From using public funds for low-cost child care centers to his views on terrorism and pandemic diseases, a note of hope rings throughout.

Discover how Obama attempts to maintain his integrity, amidst the need to raise money for campaigns and his need to please constituents. He calls for a brand new form of politics, one that would address the economic insecurity of American families and soothe racial and religious tensions. With candor and humor, he details how his experiences as a biracial, transnational public servant have shaped his psyche. Beyond America, he addresses the view of the United State abroad, and what can be done to repair that image.

Father, lawyer, Senator, and President-elect, Obama's vision is ground in religious and personal faith. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike can appreciate his experience and passion.

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