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The Civil War: Rebellion to Reconstruction (Classroom Edition) DVD

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  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 14
  • Run Time: 1710 Minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen
  • Language: English
  • Studio: A&E Home Video
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
Civil War: Rebellion to Reconstruction 14 disc set

North vs. South, Lee vs. Grant, Lincoln vs. Davis, Johnny Reb vs. Billy Yank. Experience the turbulent events that ignited the bloodiest, most divisive war this country has known. From the first stirrings of unrest to the war’s terrible aftermath, this is the definitive, most comprehensive set of the horrific war that split the nation.

Archival photographs and documents, cutting-edge CGI, startling dramatizations and renowned historians showcase battlefield strategy as well as convey intimate stories of the women, slaves, and proud soldiers to reveal the human side of war.

Set includes compelling programs on the slave ships, reporting the war, press and war photographers, families at home, sex during wartime, legendary battles, battle field medicine, war camps, key commanders, generals and foot soldiers.

Amaray #1 Prelude to War
Commerce and industry thrive across the new nation, now one of the wealthiest on Earth. In the South, cotton is king but slavery fuels a growing divide. Violence flares across the territories while abolitionists Frederick Douglass and John Brown make a stand for freedom. Slaves escape into freedom via the underground railroad. The election of Lincoln is a harbinger of war.

Set includes: America the Story of Us: Division, Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters, The Underground Railroad, John Brown’s War, Freedom’s Road Slavery and the Opposition, Biography: Frederick Douglass, Biography: Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union

Running time: 4 hrs. 45 min.

Amaray #2: The People
Meet the key players in the war between the states – from the most commanding general to the greenest foot soldiers. Meet the first black regiment of the war and learn what life was like for those on the battlefield, the injured, the captured, brother pitted against brother. Early newspapers report the daily carnage as war photographers emerge to confirm that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Set includes: The Traitor President: Jefferson Davis, Mr. Lincoln’s Butcher: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, McClellan’s Way, Stonewall Jackson, Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain, Divided Houses: Families Split by War, Yank vs. Reb: The Foot Soldier’s Life, Sex in the Civil War, The Death Camps, 54th Massachusetts, Battlefield Medicine, Women at War, Alexander Gardner: War Photographer, Reporting the War.

Running Time: 11 hrs.

Amaray #3: The Battles

The nation becomes enlightened to the horrors of war though the numerous hard fought battles including the most savage day of fighting America has ever seen at Antietam, where 22,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lay dead upon a Maryland field. Under heavy bombardment in Vicksburg, the streets flowed with blood as civilians fled to shelters and caves while Union General Ulysses Grant tried to starve the trapped defenders into surrender. Rare photographs and haunting recreations tell the story of bravery and tragic miscalculation.

Watch as Gen Sherman implements his five-week campaign of terror and destruction, as he ordered his troops to burn crops, kill livestock, destroy railroads, pilfer food supplies and to make sure the South's civilian infrastructure was shattered.

Set includes: Destiny at Ft. Sumter, Battle of 1st Bull Run, The Hornet’s Nest at Shiloh, The Bloodiest Day: Antietam, The Monitor vs. The CSS Virginia, The Battle of Fredericksburg, The Taking of New Orleans, The Battle/Siege of Vicksburg, Gettysburg: Victory at all Costs, Lincoln and Gettysburg, Pickett’s Charge, Sherman’s March.

Running Time: 8 hrs. 45 min.

Amaray #4: Effects and Aftermath

Although our nation is well-versed about the atrocities committed against Union POWs at Andersonville, Georgia, few have heard of the wholesale annihilation of Confederate prisoners at Camp Douglas in Chicago, Illinois (12,000 inmates were incarcerated, 6,000 never left).

In the period known as ""Reconstruction,"" America is supposed to be reuniting and healing its wounds, but what emerges is a picture of murder, terrorism and chaos as ""free"" black men and women remain enslaved by a South that does not completely surrender. Insurgencies led by ex-Confederate soldiers rip through every southern state and the country’s first terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, is formed. All Americans feel the Civil War's aftershocks for years, while some believe its tremors are felt even today.

Set includes: Eight Acres of Hell, The Lincoln Assassination, Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War, Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History

Running Time: 6 hrs. 40 min.

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