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Top Ten Vampire Movies by Nathanael Hood

Top Ten Vampire Movies by Nathanael Hood

Top Ten Vampire Movies
{by Nathanael Hood of Totally Top 10}
When did you realize you wanted to review movies?
When I was a sophomore in college, I saw a film club screening of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980) late one October night. When I saw that elevator door open and a tidal wave of blood pour out, I knew right then and there that the cinema was my future.
All-time favorite movie:
You should know better than to ask a film critic that question!
Movie you quote a lot:
Just about any movie that stars Humphrey Bogart.
Movie character that reminds you of yourself:
Marty Piletti from Delbert Mann’s Marty (1955).
Movie you wish you could un-see:
David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future (1970). It isn’t so much a film as a bleak, excruciating endurance test.
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Learn why Nathanael curated Vampire Movies: For almost a century, the vampire has reigned as one of the cinema’s supreme bogeymen. These immortal, blood-sucking creatures of the night have fascinated and horrified generations of movie-goers. They have appeared in many shapes and sizes: eery monstrosities, seductive temptresses, flamboyant libertines, and unstoppable agents of evil. I have collected here a list of ten essential films that document the evolution of the vampire over the decades. Presented in chronological order, these films represent the very best of vampire cinema. Please read more top 10 lists at www.TotallyTop10.com.

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